Next to my career as a professional dancer, I absolutely love teaching too. I have been teaching different styles to different agesĀ for more than 8 years now.

As a Movement in Practice Facilitator I have also created my own workshop in which I have combined dance/movement with psychology. In this workshop we focus on reconnecting with our bodies, releasing unnecessary feelings through transformation and we get more insights into our own patterns. If you are stressed and have difficulties coping or feel stuck in life or with just a certain issue, then this is something for you!

You can always contact me for more information or questions. 

Available for workshops regarding these dance styles:

  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • Floorwork
  • Improvisatoin
  • Dance Mix
  • Release Your Mind

Review workshop ‘Release Your Mind’

‘The workshop was a big surprise. I went in with an ‘open mind’ and no expectations. While moving, I became aware of underlying emotions and of my behavioral patterns and choices I make in daily life. I found that my sense of lack of time came from the emotion ‘fear’. Before I did this workshop, I had already tried all kinds of ways to find peace and create more free time in my agenda, but that didn’t work. By moving my body I became aware of this (the fear) and I could let it go through feeling gratitude towards myself.

Moving gave me insights into why those other ways didn’t help me. Moving from gratitude brought me to enormous joy. I felt the flow of creativity coming back to me.

Although I do a lot of work myself regarding awareness and mindfulness, this was a revelation. I looked at my fear from a different perspective and was able to let it go.

After the workshop I felt good in my body, connected.

I am grateful that Patricia has created this workshop and I advise other people to definitely follow and experience this, so that they too can resolve/break through certain situations/emotions/patterns from their own life through movement/wisdom of their own body.

I followed the workshop online and found that Patricia created a safe atmosphere for the participants and guided us well.’ (workshop followed on October 10th, 2021)