I started going to dance classes at the age of 4. Throughout my teens I followed ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary and hip hop classes. My passion for dance has developed itself over the years, leading me to go to a pre-education at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in 2014. In 2016 I got accepted at the Dance Academy – the Contemporary Urban department. As of 2020 I will graduate as an allround dancer. 

During my third year of the education I toured with Jens van Daele | Burning Bridges throughout the Netherlands and Belgium with the production ‘NachtHexen II: La Parisienne’. This same year, I worked with Jelena Kostic and Vloeistof for different projects whom I had met while working together at school for end productions or workshops. I am currently an intern at Corpo Maquina for the performance ‘RUN’ and will be performing my own created solo ‘TwO SEE’ at Festival Boulevard. 
I also had the opportunity to work with Blenard Azizaj and Cécile Lassonde. 

As the years followed, I explored who I was as a dancer, artist and performer and went through different stages with my movement language as I went through different stages in life. I had come to notice that both were interconnected and the more I solved issues in my own personal life, the more clear I was on my movements and my own movement language. 
I would describe my movement language as contemporary based but very urban influenced. I use different elements from popping (angles, isolations and hits) yet I combine them to create a more round and fluid flow. 

Furthermore, I was asked to create my own interactive children’s performance. This performance included dance as the main element, adding theatre and speech to it. This is when I discovered my big interest in being a maker in this particular working field and decided to pursue this next to being a professional dancer, performer, artist. The youth dance field appeals to me, yet I am also curious to create to the contemporary adult audience.