My interest in being a maker/choreographer has surfaced itself recently. I have always been busy with teaching and creating choreographies for amateurs, yet creating for theatre purposes is something completely new, but absolutely something I want to proceed a career in. I found myself intrigued by how the ideas in my head could become something real. I have realized that I enjoy creating as much as I enjoy performing – it is a different way of being vulnerable on stage and letting your imagination come to life. 

I was asked to create an interactive children’s performance (pop up in public space) without any budget which was a big challenge, but also a great opportunity to start this career path. After this project finished, I found myself wanting to continue creating and evolving this. 

The created performance ‘Op Naar De Top’ has dance as its core, combining theatre and live speech as well.  4 dancers, one actress and a journey to reach the top of the mountain safely.The audience is asked to participate during their journey. 
This performance comes with a workshop after the performance and an introducing task for teachers to explore the topic before the performance is visited. 

As for my graduation research I took this performance and started doing research about the youth dance/theatre working field in order to network, recreate and find a platform to cooperate with. I have focussed my research on public participation to be able to create well structured, interactive performances in the future.