Dance psychology

What is dance psychology?

Well, scientific research shows us that dance/movement has a positive influence on our mental and physical being. During my master ‘Dance Psychology’ with dr. Peter Lovatt, I have been closely looking at the scientific reports and analysing them. Finding my own way and method on how to incorporate the scientific knowledge into a practice based practice.

Let me give you a few examples of how dance is able to influence us:

  • Improvisation/free dancing can help us break through mental blockages and increases creative thinking
  • Opposite from that, choreographed movements help solve more concrete issues.

After successfully finishing the master, I have become a ‘Movement in Practice Facilitator‘, which means that I have enough knowledge to create my own ways to help people through dance/movement: which I started doing. I have created a workshop called ‘Release Your Mind’ in which I focus on reconnecting with and trusting your body in order to let go of certain issues which are limiting/bothering you in your life, right now.

With the knowledge of the body which I have gained by being a professional dancer (Bachelor of Arts), I am now able to combine the psychological knowledge with the physical one, to help you and others.

To fully gain the psychological knowledge I want, I have now also started a new bachelor studies at Tilburg University: Psychology. All in order to be able to help my clients in a more elevated way!

If you are interested in a session/workshop or have any questions? Send me an email or message on social media.