‘I am truly happy’

and how does that feel?

Blog entry October 3, 2021

September has been a rollercoaster. I went back to work, started my psychology bachelor at the university (fulltime) and started up my new workshop ‘Release Your Mind’. And oh boy, I struggled.

I was so used to getting up whenever I woke up, as I only had to teach at night and I had the entire day to prepare my classes. Planning my university work and teaching was a whole other ballgame. Only after two weeks, I felt like I was getting the hang of it all.

Well now, as you can see from my quote, I felt truly happy. This is because I have struggled with finding a purpose for a long time after I graduated as a professional dancer from the Dance Academy. I went to teaching full time in weird covid times, but already soon enough, I found out that I love to dance, but full-time teaching is not my calling. Don’t get me wrong, I lóve to teach, but I felt like I needed more challenge! A year I struggled to figure out what I want to do in the future, what my next step would be, when I found the master ‘Dance Psychology’ by dr. Peter Lovatt. Finishing this I realised that combining dance with psychology is something I am VERY interested in and want to explore this further.

I signed up for a new bachelor study: psychology. Had to wait a year to find out that I was accepted and I was thrilled! A new journey that could open up so many new doors for me. I started creating my own little business on the side in which I already combined the two as I am a ‘Movement in Practice Facilitator’ because I finished the ‘Dance Psychology’ master.

So when this month started and started my first courses, I realised I had made the right decision to study and learn more. So, at the age of 23 I started my new bachelor and it has been a joy so far! I couldn’t feel more content with the choice I have made. From the inside, I feel truly happy and proud of myself for taking this step and giving myself the chance to learn more, develop my skill and work on my future plans! A feeling of satisfaction, calmness, gratefulness and assertiveness to take on the world all combined.

I am grateful and ready for all that October has to bring me.